Jill Simonian

Director of Prager Kids.

Jill Simonian is Director of Outreach for PragerU Kids, which provides families and educators free children's edu-tainment with videos, resources, and books that honor American values and history for Kindergarten through 12th grades. She is the personality and producer for PragerU Kids’ children shows “Otto’s Tales” and “Craftory,” and the creator/producer of the wild & fun quiz show "Guess or Mess," teaching young learners to celebrate America's history and blessings. Jill additionally hosted PragerU's "What Are Your Kids Learning In School" 5-minute video (2021) as well as the mini-documentary "Miseducated" (2021) that exposed radicalized educational practices across the country. Jill is frequently seen and heard discussing today's pressing issues in education and parenting on Newsmax, Fox News, OAN, Sirius XM and varied print and online media. Jill is a former television host & contributor, founder of TheFABMom blog and published author. Between 2011-2020, Jill was known for her straight-talking parenting segments on Los Angeles' KCBS, KCAL, KTLA, KTTV as well as HLN/CNN, TODAY Show, E! News, Hallmark Channel and family lifestyle columns across online & print media. Jill is a cum laude graduate of UCLA, former National Anthem soloist for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lakers & Clippers, and Runner-Up to Miss California (Miss America Organization). An Armenian-American California native, Jill resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two children. Connect with Jill via PragerU.com/kids and Instagram/Twitter @jillsimonian.